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The Successful Story of a Bright Girl - OST (Love Song - Jang Hyuk)

Love Song - Jo Jang Hyuk
Romanization by kreah-craze.com

chogumsshik hanasshing nae-maumul kajyoga
onusae nae-jonbul da hunduroborinnol
hanbondo optdon ironil
nae-ga wae i-rol-kka

piharyo haebwado nae ma-umi monjoga
onusae nae mosub non jikyojugo manun gol
usumdwiye sumun noye sulpumi nawa talmasol-kka

tto-ullyo ya-khae-jil-ttae-mada nol jabajul gusarami nalchi-molla
naegewa… nal byonhage hae-jun nol-wihae
love song~love song~love song~

u-um … ye…
modun-gol ganung-hage hanun sarangi naege nonikka
kidaryojullae nae sarangi ni-ape sonun nol … kkaji…

nal mom-jul saramun opsosso… sesangen na honja-yossosso
it-ji-anhasso… byon-chi-anhasso
sarangiran-gon noral-gijone…wooo

modun-gol-ganung-hage hanun sarangi naege nonikka
kidaryo-jullae… naesarangi ni-ape sonun-nal kkaji

wonhanun jonbul katgo shipo nae-yokshimi nol gallanwado
kidaryojullae nae-ma-umi ni-ape kanun-nol kkaji
oh…. wooohhh…. naahhh….. love you…. love you… ohhh…

Love song - Jo Jang Hyuk
translation by aheeyah.com

Little by little, one by one, you take away my heart
Suddenly, all my everything is shaken by you
This has never happened to me before..
Whats wrong with me?

I try to avoid you but my heart goes out first
Suddenly, I want to protect your laughter
The sadness that is hiding behind your laughter
Is in a way like my story..

Whenever that story comes up and we become weak
I might be the person who can hold you tight (kiss me love you)
Come to me.. To you who made me change..

love song(love song)
love song(love song)
love song

*Because you are the person
Who makes everything possible for me
Will you wait for me?
Till the day my love stands in front of you

There is no one to stop me
I was all alone in this world
Before I knew you
There was none andI didnt listen to it--to this thing called love

repeat *

I want to have everything that I want
Even if my greed splits you apart
Will you wait for me?
Till the day my love stands in front of you?

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